Verday Chlorophyll Water Launches in Los Angeles

Verday Chlorophyll Water Launches in Los Angeles

Verday Chlorophyll Water has migrated to the Left Coast. The revolutionary refreshingly delicious healthy beverage is now available throughout Los Angeles.

Verday is a game-changing entry in the burgeoning healthy water category. Not only does it quench your thirst like water, the 100mg of Chlorophyll in each 16oz bottle (as much Chlorophyll as 4 cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula) provides the antioxidant and cleansing benefits of a green juice.

All four flavors of Verday will be available as well as through the direct sales services of Premium Quality Distribution in Los Angeles. “We’re delighted to be able to offer this very unique product to the Southern California region,” said Randy Kohana, Verday CEO. “Green juices have always been a part of the Los Angeles culture. But they can be loaded with hidden sugar, calories and carbs. Verday provides consumers with all of chlorophyll’s antioxidant and cleansing benefits... but with 0 calories, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 preservatives and 0 GMO-ingredients. And it tastes great.”

That fact was not lost on NY Fashion Week. Verday just completed its involvement, supplying some 2,000 bottles, to models, designers and assorted fashionistas at various events around Manhattan including backstage the Zac Posen fashion show and the cutting-edge designer showcase, Made NY at Milk Studios.

In addition, this week Verday launches its new website The site will dynamically let visitors learn about chlorophyll’s health benefits, and enable consumers and businesses to order the product direct.

Verday also participated at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD on Sept. 22 to 24.

About Verday Chlorophyll Water

Available in natural Watermelon, Coconut, Cucumber and Lemongrass Ginger flavors, Verday Chlorophyll Water represents an exciting new category of beverage that quenches your thirst like water and provides the antioxidant and cleansing benefits of green juice.

The key ingredient of Verday is chlorophyll, the green pigment that’s present in all plants. Many remember from middle school that chlorophyll is the “building block of life,” responsible for absorbing the sun’s light and converting it into energy via photosynthesis. The powerful antioxidant and cleansing properties of chlorophyll have made it a favorite among leading wellness experts and healthy active consumers for generations.

Each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of chlorophyll, which is more than two shots of wheatgrass, four cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula.

Verday is non-refrigerated shelf stable for up to one year, which makes it less expensive to ship, store and stock than traditional healthy beverages. As such, it’s the first “green drink” that can be displayed in bulk alongside sport drinks, CSDs and waters in retail establishments.

Verday is distributed by KeHE and UNFI, New England Beverages in New York City and Premium Quality Distribution in Los Angeles.

For more information about Verday, please visit For sales and distribution inquiries, please speak to your distribution representative or e-mail